Pure air air hygiene

Patented technology

For safe air purification with UVC

Pure uses Virobuster’s patented technology, in which the air is passed through a so-called UVPE field (Ultraviolet Pathogen Elimination) with UVC light, which immediately renders viruses and s harmless. Instead of trapping s such as germs or fungi only in the filter, they are completely deactivated. For a reduced risk of infection and permanently better air hygiene.


In contrast to so-called plasma technology, the environmentally friendly and safe UVC air purification does not use ozone, as even small doses of ozone might be hazardous to health and can damage lung tissue.

The ideal solution 

For your application

There are basically two ways to improve the air quality: as an immediately usable stand-alone solution and as a module in ventilation and air conditioning systems.


For smaller rooms we recommend our Steribase, which sterilises the air directly on site. The Red Dot Award winning design of the Steribase 300 can be discreetly integrated into any environment. The Steribase 250 is mounted on the wall to save space. For buildings with a ventilation or air conditioning system, we recommend our Basictube 800, which is simply installed in the existing ventilation and air conditioning system and reliably disinfects even very high air volumes. We would be pleased to advise you on the ideal solution for your requirements.

Steribase 450

Award winning design

For small and medium
sized rooms

Plug & Play: immediately
ready for operation

Compact, mobile and
extremely quiet

Red Dot Award
winning design

Steribase Wall 250

Space-saving wall mounting

For small or medium
sized rooms


For space-saving
wall mounting

Quick installation
and commissioning

Basictube 800

For ventilation systems

Installation in ventilation or
air conditioning systems

Ideal for very high
air volumes

Easy integration into existing
air conditioning systems

Can be used individually
or in combination